18th Birthday Instagram Captions

18th Birthday Instagram Captions: In our entire life, our 18th Birthday is indeed a milestone. It’s the beginning of our adulthood and us stepping into the real brutal world. In today’s time, millennial have an urge to put up everything on their social media handles. Be it Instagram or Facebook, they want the entire world to know what is happening their lives. These social media handles have become a platform to wish someone on their birthdays and anniversaries, to share and convey happiness and sorrow etc. This article focuses on how you to write an 18th birthday Instagram caption for yourself and your near and dear ones. Since the 18th Birthday is such a pivotal time in one’s life, it means a lot to them when you wish them, so get the birthday captions for when you turn 18. An Instagram birthday caption for yourself at 18 is ready with us.

18th Birthday Instagram Captions

Has your friend or cousin recently turned 18 this year? If so, then be prepared to write a heartfelt Instagram caption for the 18th Birthday of his/her. Always remember that just putting up photos on Instagram isn’t enough. It has to be accompanied with a good caption, because then only will it capture the attention of your followers.

If you are one of those who love to write extended captions, then this is the perfect option for you to express all your feelings and emotions for your friend on his/her 18th. Since you love to express through your words, you can write a heartfelt caption for your friend, bringing a smile on his/her face. You can write about your favorite memory together, or you can tell how happy you are to have him/her in your life. Since our online life has taken over our offline life, you can write a letter to him/her as a caption on your Instagram. This will give a personal touch to it and evoke a lot of emotions and feelings for both of you.

In case you are not one of those who like to write extended Instagram captions, yet want to make your friend feel special on his/her 18th, then you can always go for a crisp yet beautiful birthday wish. In three-four lines, you can sum up the birthday wish by wishing him/her the best in his life and sharing a beautiful memory of you both. This will certainly make your friend feel elated.

Besides this, you can do something which has recently become a trend on social media. You can wish yourself on Instagram with a good caption! Yes, indeed. You can tell how much you have achieved in the last 18 years of your life, how blessed you are to have this life, and further, can layout what all you want to achieve in the coming years of your life. Hence, go ahead and write an excellent 18th birthday caption for yourself.

Funny 18th Birthday Caption For Yourself

Just as said before, you can always go ahead and write an Instagram birthday caption for yourself at 18. Now, how about instead of going for the mainstream, you make it more interesting by writing a funny 18th birthday caption for yourself. You can start by writing a funny incident you faced or about a situation where you made a complete fool out of yourself, and it turns out to be funny in the end. This will not only capture more likes and comments from your followers on your Instagram but will also give a great start to your 18th Birthday. The birthday captions for when you turn 18 can be revisited by you in the later years when you sit and reminisce about your childhood and adulthood days! This will not only evoke a lot of memories but will also bring a smile to your face even after many years.

18-Year-Old Quotes For Instagram Captions

While it is always great giving a personal touch to your birthday wishes on Instagram, however, not everyone is a gifted writer. Hence, in such times, you can always resort to the Internet, which is full of great captions. You can always go on the Internet and search for a good caption for 18th Birthday, and your search will be full of so many websites helping you come up with a great caption. You can dedicate a quote for an Instagram birthday caption, as the Internet is a whole of them. Not necessarily does the quote have to be something incredibly emotional and a tear-jerker; instead, you can look for some funny birthday quote online that captures your relationship with him/her. Or you can look for a funny quote that links to a funny incident shared by you both. This will bring a smile to his/her face and make them feel special on his/her 18th Birthday.


So don’t wait any further, hop on to your social media handle and wish your friend. Make sure that your friend feels loved on achieving this milestone!

Updated: March 23, 2020 — 6:37 pm

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