60+ Breakup Captions for Instagram [Sad, Funny, Savage & Sassy Captions]

Breakup Caption For Instagram: Breakups and rejections are a part of our lives and are just little tests, which check our dealing powers. Breaking up with someone is beautiful and is a very personal choice. Coping with the breakup is something one has to deal with as well. It can be difficult for some people, but that is how the world rolls.

So get up from your bed and get out of your sweat pants as it is time to show your Ex that he could not break you. Post sassy pictures on your Instagram feed, which badass captions.

Your mind must not be able to come up with something bang on, but don’t worry, we are here to provide you with breakup captions for Instagram.

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Breakup Caption For Instagram

After a breakup, a caption for Instagram is like a reply to the person who broke up with you. So, you have to up your game if you have been dumped. Now is the time to show your followers and your dumpee that you are healthy, and you don’t need anyone by your side to survive and have fun.

Go out there and post a picture of yourself with a rejuvenation glass of beer and add a caption that will make your ex think you are much capable of having fun alone and that you have been relieved from the breakup.

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Post Breakup Caption For Instagram

Go out with your gang and have some fun at the nightclub. Let your ex know that you are never alone and that you always have your group by your side. Post pictures from the fun night, and we will provide you with your post-breakup Instagram captions.

Savage Breakup Caption For Instagram

Time to show sass and make your ex regret his or her decision. We will make sure you have the most savage caption for your ex, which will give them a high burn. Get instant Insta breakup captions from us and let your followers know that you are a healthy, independent person.

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Sad Breakup Caption For Instagram

Are you not over your ex yet? Do you want them to show how much sadness and pain they have caused you? Worry not, we have a solution to that problem as well. We will come up with sad Instagram breakup captions, which will melt the stone-cold heart of your ex. In no time, you will see him or her calling you to make sure you are okay.

Sarcastic Breakup Caption For Instagram

Was the break up out of the blue? Or, do you want to give a sassy reply to your ex? We have the perfect sarcastic Instagram captions after a breakup. Sarcasm is the best dealing mechanism during these times so, and you might as well make the best use of it.

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Instagram and our followers are a part of our day to day life, and they would want regular updates from your life. It is on us how we want to deal with a given situation. Hence, we have the best captions for your Instagram handle for you. Deal lightly with funny breakup captions from us.

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