Instagram Captions for Friends

Instagram Caption For Friends: In the last few years, social media apps like Facebook and Instagram have become the platform to express your love, friendship, anger, concern, sorrow, etc. In this article, we are going to help you write Instagram captions for friends to express your love and friendship for them. You will come across many quotes about friends for Instagram captions on the Internet, some dedicating to your best friend as well. Not only your friends, but this article will also help you write Best Friend captions for Instagram so that you can prove to him or her, your love and gratefulness.

Best Friend Captions For Instagram

Just putting up a picture with your friend or best friend on Instagram is not enough. The picture should be accompanied with a proper caption. You can always search on the Internet for some cheesy or quirky caption. Otherwise, you can use your creativity and write your caption dedicating it, your friend. It is always better to come up with the best friend’s captions on your own because you will be able to portray your true feelings and emotions through your own words.

Caption For Instagram Selfie With Friends

If you are one of those who love to express themselves and their feelings in words, then you can write some best friend captions for pictures. Through your extended captions, you can dedicate your love to him or her and remind them how thankful and happy you are to have him or her in your life. You don’t need a particular or special day to dedicate a lengthy caption to your friend. You can pick up a day and write an appreciation post for your friend on Instagram, thereby bringing a smile on his or her face.

Cute Instagram Captions For Friends

If it is your friend’s birthday, then this is the perfect time to think of a beautiful caption for your friend. You can make your friend feel extra-special on his or her special day; by dedicating a caption to your friend, it doesn’t matter how long or short that caption is. You can recite a beautiful memory you both have shared or an internal joke that will crack him/her up. You can end the best friend captions for Insta pic by wishing him/her a great year ahead full of fun and memories.

Funny Friend Captions For Instagram

Now, you can always do something that is not mainstream. Instead of writing a caption, dedicating how much you love him/her and how grateful you are, you can always write a caption that is funny yet friendly. In that, you can describe a funny incident that has happened to both of you, and you guys have shared a laugh over it. Or, you can always put an internal joke which only you both will understand and hence, can laugh over it.

Short Instagram Captions For Friends

A best friend occupies a different place in your heart; hence, the caption that you dedicate for him/her has to have a particular element. You can dedicate captions for Instagram about friends in different ways, and not always does it have to be mainstream and cheesy. You can recount a childhood memory of you both or a funny incident that makes you laugh to this date. Whatever you decide to do, it should be different and more unique compared to the captions for your friend. You can put an embarrassing photo of your best friend, and write about a funny incident in the caption. Or, you can put up a throwback photo of you both and write a beautiful caption, telling the world how you both met and how much he/she means to you.

Insta Captions For Squad Pic

This is the best kind of caption and doesn’t need any particular day. You can do it on any day, be it his/her birthday or not. But, one thing guaranteed that you will get in return is a smile and laugh on his/her face, who will recount the funny incident or internal joke.

Sweet Best Friend Captions

The type of caption you write should suit a particular situation. In case your friend is feeling low, then you can put up a photo with him/her along with a beautiful and heartfelt caption that will bring a smile in his/her face. This will be a surprise element for your friend, who will feel loved and happy at the end of the day.


Instagram photos are of no good if a good caption does not accompany them. So, before you put up a photo for your friend or best friend on his/her birthday or any day, you should think of good captions for Instagram about friends that will bring a smile across their faces. Ensure that when you are putting up pictures with different friends, individually, then each caption is different from others. You can always add a personal touch by adding a beautiful or funny memory. So, hurry up and tell your friend how much you love her by putting up a great caption!

Updated: March 23, 2020 — 1:53 pm

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